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MP RTO Registration, Inquiries, Vehicle Owner Search -MP Transport Login

MP RTO Registration, Inquiries, Vehicle Owner Search - MP Transport Login link and complete step-by-step process are available on this page. Just as other states of the country made their RTO registration service online, MP RTO registration services were also made online. You can now have your vehicle or any other vehicle registered online.

mp rto registration

MP RTO Registration 2021

For this you no longer have to go to the Road Transport Office. Before buying any new vehicle, a question arises in my mind as to how the registration will be done. Now all the information related to MP RTO Registration will be given online. You can read more about these services in our article.

It has now been decided by the government that you do not have to worry much about vehicle registration. With online registration, you will now get rid of middlemen and brokers. All the information on where and how to register your vehicle is given in the following article. Now the Madhya Pradesh government has also made all the services of its RTO online so that ordinary people do not suffer the loss of time and money.

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MP Transport Registration 2021

Government Road Transport Office, MP
State MP
Services Online
Official Website transport.mp.gov.in

The official website will be found in front of you after searching for MP RTO registration. You will get all the information as soon as you go to the MP RTO official website. Now a lot of work is done through the online portal like license, vehicle registration, registration fee, registration renewal, registration tax, registration transfer, ownership details, etc. For all these works you do not have to go to the Road Transport. Office. Now you can get any work related to registration done online. Vehicle registration details will also be provided online.

MP RTO Registration Query

Now you can inquire online about your vehicle registration. For this you need to go to the official website. Detailed information on this will be given to you in the next article. To find vehicle registration online, you need to follow the guidelines below. Now you can check the registration progress of any vehicle online. With this service offered online by RTO, you no longer have to visit the Road Transport Office.

  • Go to the MP RTO's official website.
  • Now you need to go to the online services on the home page and click on vehicle registration.
  • Now on the page that opens in front of you, you have to choose your vehicle type.
  • If you want to register your private vehicle, click on Private Service Vehicle Permanent Permit.
  • Now select the new permit from the drop-down list that opens in front of you.
  • Now enter and submit the required information.

MP RTO Vehicle Owner Search Program

Now in Madhya Pradesh, if you want to know the name of the owner of a vehicle, then this information is just for you. Now you can get information about the owner of the vehicle by entering the vehicle number. For this, the facility was provided on the official website by the government. Now you can also find the vehicle from your mobile phone. For this you will need to download a mobile application. With this application you can collect information about the owner of the vehicle. You are told about the easy way to take MP RTO vehicle owner details.

  • To do this, go to your mobile phone's play store.
  • Now here we have to search by writing MP RTO vehicle information.
  • Now some applications will appear in front of you, select the application with the highest rating among them.
  • After downloading the application, open it and select Vehicle Honor Search from the features provided in it.
  • Now enter the vehicle number and enter your mobile number.
  • Vehicle details will be provided to you as soon as you submit them.

MP Transport Login

Any transport related work in MP is now done online. To do this, you need to log in to the official website. To create MP Transport Login ID, you need to go to the official website. Other facilities such as - merchant login, text login, eSewa login, etc. will also be provided to you online. To log in to the website, the necessary steps are given below. You can choose the type of your login based on the information provided.

  • For online login, you need to open the MP Transport login link.
  • Now the options given on the front opening page are Vehicle Registration Search, Driver's License Search, Tax Details, National Permit Draft, Learning License Search, e-Register for Permit, Tax Assessment, National Permit for Other States, Temporary Bus Registration, Quarantine Registration, Quarantine other government vehicle payment details will need to be selected according to your need.
  • After selecting the option, you will be taken to the login page.
  • If you are registered, please log in with your login ID and password.
  • If you have not registered, click on "new user click here".
  • Now create your new account on the new page.
  • After entering the required information, click on the save option.
  • Now log in whenever you want with the user ID and password you created.

MP RTO registration fee

The registration fee for each vehicle in any road transport office differs. The cost of registering a vehicle depends on the cost of the vehicle. When you are going to register a new vehicle, you must submit the application form together with the purchase documents for the vehicle. From the purchase documents submitted by you, the RTO guesses how much service charge will be levied on it. Along with the registration fee, some other taxes and fees are taken, the details of which are given in the table below.

Registration Fee 600 for cars
Number Plate Charges For normal number 200-400
Parking fee (less than 4 lakh) 2000 for MCD Parking
Parking fee (above 4 lakh) 4000 for MCD parking
Temporary registration fee Up to one month 1200-1500
Road tolls Petrol / CNG - 8%, Electric - 4%, Diesel - 10% (below Rs. 10.0 Lakh)
Petrol - 10%, Electric - 4%, Diesel - 12% (above Rs. 10.0 Lakh but less than Rs. 20.0 Lakh)
Petrol - 14%, Electric - 4%, Diesel - 16% (above Rs. 20.0 Lakh)
FasTag Charges Rs. 600

The levy to be levied at the time of vehicle registration is spent on the development work done by the government. This tax must be given to each vehicle Honor. Registration fees are changed from time to time. Therefore, we inform you that the above costs may be changed at any time, the responsibility of which will not be considered by us.

MP RTO Registration Renewal

As we all know, a renewal date is written on the registration certificate of any vehicle. From this date, it becomes very important to renew your vehicle registration certificate. For this you get an option on the online official website. We tell you in detail about it. Through the MP RTO Registration renewal process mentioned by us, you can renew your certificate.

  • To do this, go to the official website and click on RC Update from the Online Services section.
  • Sign in now by placing your user ID and password on the page that opens in front of you.
  • Now click on the given RC renewal link.
  • Registration certificate with original information sought, Form 29 duly completed in duplicate, Certified copy of valid vehicle insurance policy, Form 30 duly completed in duplicate, Certified copy of valid pollution under control certificate, Certified copy of address proof of Submit documents the vehicle, etc.
  • Now collect the fees charged for renewal.
  • Finally, click submit.
  • Take the copy of the given renewal certificate receipt.

MP RTO Registration Transfer

In Madhya Pradesh, certain rules have been made by the RTO for the transfer of ownership of any vehicle. According to these rules, ownership fees are also deposited along with the required documents. If you are going to buy an old vehicle, then you will have to transfer it to RC. For this, you must follow the government-prescribed procedure. The rules laid down by the government are explained below.
  1. While transferring the MP RTO registration certificate, you will need to submit Form-29 for duplicate and Form-30 for the original.
  2. In duplicate registration you will have to give an affidavit about the lease / lease.
  3. According to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, you must deposit the RC transfer fee according to Rule 81 of 1989.
  4. The RTO provides RC transfer services according to the authorization of its re-registration.

MP RTO Registration Renewal Fees

In Madhya Pradesh, it is considered necessary to register a vehicle when purchasing a new vehicle. It is considered necessary to renew your vehicle RC after some time after registration. For this you need to fill in and submit some forms to your old RC. You must also pay certain fees at the time of RC renewal. There is not much difference between the fees charged for registration and the fees charged at the time of renewal. The fees for new registration and RC renewal are almost equal as paperwork is done equally in both.
Registration Fees Mention in article above
RC Renewal Fees Same as New Registration

At the time of renewal of the registration certificate you have to follow almost the same process as you did at the time of registration of the new vehicle. For this you need to submit some other documents along with the old juice of the vehicle. At the time of renewal, you must pay the fees, which are determined by the government.

MP RTO Helpline Number

In Madhya Pradesh, the government has issued contact numbers of RTO officials. You can register your complaints and suggestions on these numbers. We are going to give you information about all these names and numbers from the medium of PDF. You can view names and numbers by opening or downloading PDFs online. The purpose of releasing these numbers is to simplify the work of RTO officials so that complaints made by you can be dealt with immediately.

Edele Shri Bhupendra Singh Minister of Transport 0755-2671024 2671046 P.A. Shri N. K. Shrivastava 9826073385
Shri S. N. Mishra General Secretary 0755-2442055
Shri Rajeev Chandra Dubey Add. Secretary 0755- 2559700
Shri Yogendra Nibsaiya Deputy Secretary 0755-2512398
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Shrivastava Transport Commissioner 0751-2457006 2345880 (Gwl)
Shtd V.K. Suryavanshi Add T. C. (Enforcement.) 0751-2452286 9479925003
Shri R.K. Jain Add. T.C. (Admin.) 0751-2422010 9425112600
Shri L.N. Suman Jt. T.C. (Finance) 0751-2426065
Shri Yogendra Saxena Dy. T.C. (Finance) 9826737544 9479925009
Shri Sunil Rai Saxena Dy. T.C. (Bhopal Department) 0755-2429772 2424500 9770997164
Shri Sanjay Soni Dy. T.C. (Indore Department) 9425415195
Shri H.K. Mudgal Dy. T.C. (Ujjain Division) 9479925058
Shri Ashwini Kumar Rawat I / C Dy. T.C. (Rewa Department) 7898602754
Shri Gopal Shah Dy. T.C. (Shahdol) 9425484923
Shri Ashok Nigam Dy. T.C. (Gwalior / Chambal Division) 9425111505
Shri Yatendra Singh Senger Dy. T.C. (Sagar section) 9479925111
Shri M. D. Mishara Katni 07622-224109 406024 9479925084 9479494899
Shri Santosh Paul Chhindwara 07692-220747 9479925037
Shri Devesh Batham I / C Seoni 07692-220474 9009821861
Shri T.P.S. Bhadauria I / C Bhind 07534-231485 9479925157
Shri Ajit Batham Sheopur 07534-231485
Shri Haridas Parsedia Datia 07522-234745 9479925129
Shri Vikramjeet Singh Kang Shivpuri 07492-223435 9303439360
Shri Ashwani Khare Damoh 07812-222930 9479925120 8989033111
Shri Sunil Kumar Shukla Panna 07732- 7509484677
Smt Anpa Khan Tikamgarh 07683-243395 9893633365
Shri Pramod Caps Sehore 07562-227428 9479925147
Smt. Ranjana singh Kushwah Increase 07482-222893 > 7697009311
Shri Kalicharan Agnihotri I / C Rajgarh 07372-254949
Smt. Bharti Chaudhary Vidisha 07592-234867
Shri H.L. Simaria I / C Dewas 07272-228422
Shri Gyanendra Vaishya Shajapur 07364-226749 9329303335
Shri Rajendra Patidar I / C Ratlam 07414-222443
Shri H.K. Singh Neemuch 07423-280435 9425091818 9479925050
Shri Rajesh Gupta Jhabua 07392-243557 9425349632
Shri Surendra Badoniya Badwani 07290-224565 9425977760 9479925108
Smt. Bharti Choudhary I / C Harda
Shri Arvind Kushram Betul 07141-230333 231482 9926885347
Shri Ajay Marko I / C Narsinghpur 07792-233566
Shri Pahalwan Singh Bhilala I / C Balaghat 07632-248211
Shri Vimalesh Gupta Mandla 07642-260580 9098515006
Shri Ravindra Singh Thakur I / C Dindori
Shri Ashwani Kumar Rawat Sidhi 07822-221905
SBS. Rama Dubey I / C Umaria 07672-223838 424683865
Shri Sanjay Shrivastava Anuppur 9479925099
Shri Dev Chandra Shakya I / C Singrouli
Shri Ashok Babu Cabre Ashoknagar 9479925076 9425337777
Shri Surendra Singh Gautam Burhanpur 9407399557
Shri Nirmal Kumrawat Alirajpur 9479925062
Shri Ambika Prasad Shrivastava Agar Malwa 9479925071 9826252101

Phone: 0751-2971008,2970363,2970963

Email: [Email Protected]

MP RTO Code List

When a vehicle is registered, it is given a unique number. The number starts with a pre-determined state code. MP, for example, was written on the license plate for the state of Madhya Pradesh. District code is given after the state code which is a one or two letter number. This code is also called the RTO code. After the state code and RTO code, a unique number is issued for the vehicle, which differs for each vehicle. Information on the RTO code used in the state of Madhya Pradesh and its RTO office is given in the following pdf.

RTO location RTO Code RTO location RTO Code
Madhya Pradesh MP01 Sheopur MP31
Madhya Pradesh MP02 Datia MP32
Madhya Pradesh MP03 Shivpuri MP33
Bhopal MP04 Damoh MP34
Hoshangabad MP05 Panna MP35
Morena MP06 Tikamgarh MP36
Gwalior MP07 Sehore MP37
Guna MP08 Increase MP38
Indore MP09 Rajgarh MP39
Khargone MP10 Vidisha MP40
Dhar MP11 Dewas MP41
Khandwa MP12 Shajapur MP42
Ujjain MP13 Ratlam MP43
Mandsaur MP14 Neemuch MP44
Sagar MP15 Jhabua MP45
Chhatarpur MP16 Barwani MP46
Rewa MP17 Harda MP47
Shahdol MP18 Betul MP48
Satna MP19 Narsinghpur MP49
Jabalpur MP20 Balaghat MP50
Katni MP21 Mandla MP51
Seoni MP22 Dindori MP52
Raipur MP23 Sidhi MP53
Durg MP24 Umaria MP54
Jagdalpur MP25 Anuppur MP65
Bilaspur MP26 Singrauli MP66
Ambikapur MP27 Ashoknagar MP67
Chhindwara MP28 Burhanpur MP68
Rajnandgaon MP29 Alirajpur MP69
Bhind MP30 Agar MP70

You can also join us on Telegram for other information. You can share your complaints, suggestions and questions by commenting in the comments box below.

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